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There have Baroque pearl been instances wherein we feel that our jewelry has let us down. The context is not what you thought, for over here we are referring to the shine and luster of the jewelry and not its shape and design. If we take the example of sterling silver jewelry, we would agree it has a tendency to become dull. It has also been known to turn a pale yellow if left in the open for long. This is because sterling silver jewelry is sensitive and needs a lot of care. Given below are a few tips which can save your precious sterling silver from turning dull.

Avoid excessive use of perfumes and deodorants:
People have been known to use perfumes as though it were water. It is a good practice to use deodorants and similar fragrances but we need to do so in a balanced manner. If we go beyond the prescribed limits then there is bound to be a repercussion. Sterling silver jewelry is sensitive to perfumes and deodorants. Likewise, it is allergic to lotions, body sweat and cosmetics. If you spray any of these on your sterling silver jewelry, it is bound to get tarnished. To avoid your precious beauties from turning yellow, kindly keep them away from such items. If you cannot avoid it, then try and keep your jewelry dry. For example, if your necklace is laced with sweat, wipe it clean with a piece of dry cloth.
Make sure your hairspray is applied to your hair only:
Like it or not, your hair spray and sun screen is a bane for your sterling silver jewelry. When these products come in contact with your precious necklace or your beautiful earrings, they tend to leave their mark on it. The mark is no less than a stain and it stays coated in the form of a thin film. In order to avoid damaging your sterling silver jewelry, simply allow your sprays and lotions to get fully absorbed before wearing your jewelry. This would save your precious necklace from getting tarnished.
Do not keep your sterling silver jewelry on the table:
People have been known to take off their jewelry and place it on the side table. This is not a good habit as an overexposure to air tends to damage the jewelry beyond repair. Once you have used your jewelry, take it off and keep it in an air tight container. This would keep your sterling silver jewelry from turning yellow.
Clean your sterling silver on a regular basis:
There is no better way to clean your sterling silver than by wiping it clean with a dry cloth. You can use a simple cotton cloth to do so. If in case your sterling silver looks tarnished, use a silver cloth. If it is badly tarnished, use a polishing cloth. Clean your jewelry lengthwise and soon it would be sparkling new. Just keep these things in mind and leave the rest to your sterling silver. The jewelry is quite capable of taking care of itself.

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